About Me

Darren Delaney

Darren Delaney is the owner & founder of DarDel Fitness & Nutrition, he is a qualified & certified Sports & Performance Nutritionist, Strength & Conditioning Coach & also a Personal Trainer.

“I believe that my knowledge of the nutrition & training side of health & fitness allows me to better understand my athletes/clients & teams needs, thus placing me a better position to help you reach your goals.

I use the hashtag #OneVisionOneGoal, this means that your vision for yourself is my goal to help you achieve. I use a variety of tools to assist in helping you to achieve your goals, from daily habit change to food swaps instead of eliminations, body composition analysis to different training systems & protocols. We will explore many different aspects together in order to deliver the best nutritional & training advice/plans possible……#OneVisionOneGoal  

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