Training and Recovery

Is your training specific to your target goal? For example are you spending hours on the treadmil or running the roads in a bid to take part in your first strongman competition……if you are then you may find that first competition a little harder than it needs to be! We all move & exercise in similar patterns when we train (hinge, squat, vertical push/pull, horizontal push/pull), however which of these movements is more applicable to your chosen field of training, do you need to focus on one more than the others, do you need to focus on them all equally? Your training should be somewhat reflective of your target goal. If you are training for a strongman

competition then you will need to focus on the main 3 lifts (squat, deadlift, bench press), however you will also need to spend some time working on accessory lifts to address any weaknesses you may have & also mobility exercises to address any mobility issues. Likewise if you plan to run a marathon you will spend a considerable amount of time working on your cardiovascular system (running, cycling & possibly swimming or rowing), however you will also need to spend some time working on your strength in the weight room.

After all of your training you will need to ensure you are fully recovered before your next training session, this will be achieved through adequate sleep & rest, your nutrition also comes into play here……did you fuel adequately before your training session & have you re-fueled post-training? Also were your rest periods in your training sessions enough to allow you to deliver optimal performance in that session?

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