What are your goals? If you know your goal/s (ie lose weight, gain muscle, run a marathon, compete in a strongman competition etc) you can then set your nutritional plan out to help you fuel for these targets. Different goals will come with different nutritional needs, for example if you want to lose weight you will then have to eat in a calorie deficit (use more calories than you consume), if you want to gain weight & put on muscle you will have to eat in a calorie surplus (eat more calories than you use) & when you have a specific training target goal then the nutritional needs become a little more specific.

The diet or way you choose to eat is entirely up you, however you need to know that some diets do not lend themselves well to certain types of activity or training (for example a keto diet or low carbohydrate diet may not by the best choice or power athletes, weightlifters, sprinters or for marathon runners looking to make a break away or sprint finish in a race as these types of efforts are largely fueled by carbohydrates).

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